Barefoot Blonde

You might not know what Barefoot Blonde is, but you’ve probably seen her Instagram account. She’s a blonde living in the modern world with three children and super-long hair extensions. Her posts are inspirational, full of life and happiness—and she takes her work seriously!

Barefoot Blonde is a lifestyle brand and blog from Amber Fillerup Clark.

Amber Fillerup Clark is an Instagram star who’s known for her blonde hair, lifestyle blog and shop.

With over 26K followers on Instagram, Amber Fillerup Clark is one of the most popular lifestyle bloggers out there. She posts about her daily life with her husband Jake, their two kids, and her mom—and she also shares tips on how to be more stylish while still being a parent!

To learn more about Amber’s background and what makes her so successful as a blogger:

Amber’s inspirational Instagram account has millions of followers and she lives a nomadic life with her husband and three young children.

Amber, the Australian blonde from Barefoot Blonde, is a world traveler and aspiring homesteader. She currently lives in Australia with her husband and three young children. Wherever they go, she writes about their adventures on her blog and Instagram account.

Her feed is full of photos of gorgeous landscapes, delicious food (often homemade), and easy-to-implement eco-friendly tips for living simply on the road or at home. Her goal seems to be to inspire others to follow their dreams—even if those dreams involve traveling around the world with your family in tow!

Her website features a shop where she sells hair extensions, underwear, accessories and household items.

Amber, who is a blonde and not the only one, sells hair extensions made from human hair. She also sells underwear that’s comfortable and sustainable, as well as accessories like leather wallets.

She also blogs about beachy boho outfits, travel, fitness and motherhood.

Amber has a fun life and is doing all the things you want to do!

  • She’s married and has a family

  • She travels with her family (and does a lot of fitness)

  • She does hair tutorials (for real…)

In addition to hair tutorials and extensions the site has several lifestyle articles on topics such as pregnancy and travel.

Barefoot Blonde is a lifestyle website aimed at millennial women. In addition to hair tutorials and extensions, the site has several lifestyle articles on topics such as pregnancy and travel. Other sections of the site include motherhood and fitness. The site also sells household items like kitchen appliances, furniture, clothing etc.

It’s true Blondes do have more fun !

 Amber’s blog is fun, inspiring and always leaves you with a smile on your face. Amber isn’t just blonde; she’s also a kick-ass writer who has written for some of the most respected publications around. She was even nominated for an Emmy award. Her blog is not just about hair (although there is plenty of that) but it’s also about living life to the fullest and celebrating what makes you unique.


With such a wide range of content and products, it’s hard not to fall in love with the Barefoot Blonde brand. Whether you’re looking for hair extensions or everyday life inspiration, this website has something for everyone.